Missed lessons

I just saw this article regarding the practice of private music teachers providing make-ups to students who miss their normally scheduled weekly lessons: ottawasuzukistrings.ca/makeuplessons. It's an interesting perspective. It seems to me that as a private teacher, as well as a musician, most of the time I'm operating in a "buyers market". It was refreshing to see in this article that a parent of a music student agrees that the teacher's time is valuable, and that we are not always "on call" to provide a make-up lesson whenever their child doesn't show up.

Don't get me wrong - I've been fortunate that, for the most part, my adult students and parents of young students have been respectful of my time and remember the 24-hour notice policy. I don't want my students to miss any time at all, since a large part of what makes private instruction work is the consistency of having a lesson every week. I also don't like for the people paying for the lesson to feel like they've spent money and recieved nothing of value in return. It would be good, though, if people can understand that if they vacate a scheduled time slot with less than adequate notice, then my income is lost, and the consistency that is so important to successful private study is lost as well.

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