Happy New Year!

Just a note as to what's up on this site. It's not being updated that regularly, and I'm not sure if that's going to change anytime soon. Last August I returned to school to finish the degree program I'd started…


Another New Track  

There's a new track available for free download on my site - put "Quick Dance" on auto-repeat at the gym for extra energy! Visit and check it out! 

Gig Worksheet Template

Some of the groups I work with send a "gig worksheet" (a.k.a. "call sheet") out to all band members before each gig. The worksheet will contain all information pertaining to that gig - info such as band member phone numbers…

Ribbon Mic "Shootout"

A few weeks ago I found an interesting posting on Craigslist, looking for a saxophone, a voiceover artist, a guitarist, and some other types of musicians to record a comparison of different recording mics.

Now, I don't always look for…

Gigs and such...

Here are some things I have coming up:
  • Tonight I'm playing with Grooveloz  (Fabio Reis, Giuseppe Pinto, Kiko Freitas, Eduardo Amado, and guests) at Revolution Café on 22nd between Mission and Valencia in SF - 9:30 start. Fun mix of…