Gig Worksheet Template

Some of the groups I work with send a "gig worksheet" (a.k.a. "call sheet") out to all band members before each gig. The worksheet will contain all information pertaining to that gig - info such as band member phone numbers, load-in times, dress, backline, venue contact information. I always appreciate it when I have all of this kind of info in one document, particularly if the gig is a wedding or a high-profile venue. Even if it isn't one of those, it's still great to have the data without having to go searching through a bunch of emails.

I've pulled the data fields off of one of these worksheets that I received (there's no info about the actual gig - just the fields that say what info was included on it), and come up with this Gig Worksheet Template. I would encourage any band leaders or managers to use something like this, even if there are fields for info that not all band members need. Using a single document to convey info about gigs can eliminate a lot of confusion, and make gigs easier to play.