Ribbon Mic "Shootout"

A few weeks ago I found an interesting posting on Craigslist, looking for a saxophone, a voiceover artist, a guitarist, and some other types of musicians to record a comparison of different recording mics.

Now, I don't always look for gigs on CL, but you might recall that I answered one some time back that said something to the effect of, "Death Metal band seeks clarinet player for recording session" - obviously, I couldn't pass up something like that, and the result was my participation in A Thousand Dead's excellent "Portals" EP. I'm open to any interesting project that gets me into a recording studio, and this comparison recording session was pretty cool.

The recording was conducted by Matt McGlynn for his RecordingHacks.com website, which is all about recording equipment and techniques. The comparison is here, and their Facebook page is here. Before you go there expecting to hear me play a lot of different things, understand that what I really did was play the first part of the head of "My One And Only Love" about 30 or so times - exactly the same way (or as close to it as I could get). We did two recordings of each mic - one at about 18" from the bell of the horn, and another at about 12" to get the different effects. According to Matt, these are ribbon mics that are in the range starting at around $800.

You're probably going to be most interested in this if you're a recording engineer, or a real audiophile. If either or both of those describes you, then please check out Matt's website.